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An industry built on relationships.

Group photo of Kalito team

As a quality garment manufacturer who have been up and running since 2012, we know that this is an industry built on relationships.

We also know the importance of making you feel safe with your brand. Our way of doing so, is to be an experienced one-stop factory that handles the entire value chain for you. So if you’re used to worrying about third party suppliers, certificates or transparency – worry no more. With us you are in good hands because the very owners of our factories, Tommy and Andy, are hands on.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

A garment manufacturer who knows the importance of making your brand grow.

Kalito Garment Production Co., Ltd

NO. 1-1 Shenxiangshang, Heping, Changjing Town, JiangYin City, JiangSu, China

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