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Local in both Europe and Asia.

For the people who haven’t already met us, we can tell you that the owners of Kalito are local in both Europe and Asia. Tommy is Norwegian and Andy is Chinese.

With no language or cultural barriers, our communication is clear, concise, and gives you the best of both worlds. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.
Profile of Andy Zhao
Andy Zhao
+86 186 6223 2100
Profile of Tommy Evensen
Tommy Evensen
Business Development Manager/Owner
+47 948 35 363
Ireen Liu
Sales Manager, Sales Dept. 1
Profile of Amanda Huang
Amanda Huang
Sales Manager, Sales Dept. 2
Profile of Marina Miao
Marina Miao
Sales Manager, Sales Dept. 3
Profile of Vin Zhao
Vin Zhao
Sales Manager, Sales Dept. 4

A garment manufacturer who knows the importance of making your brand grow.

Kalito Garment Production Co., Ltd

NO. 1-1 Shenxiangshang, Heping, Changjing Town, JiangYin City, JiangSu, China

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